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A series of innovative Products designed for those who would like to offer their clients an assessment report instantly with advice on how to improve their health and well-being

Assessment Report Generator (A.R.G.) Software is designed for:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Fitness consultants
  • Health food, herb or vitamin store owners
  • Massage therapist
  • Chiropractors
  • Psychologists
  • Natural therapists
  • Naturopaths
  • Iridologists
  • Holistická výživaal consultants
  • Any other health professionals
  • Individuals who would like to start their own natural health business

3 major problems have developed in health care systems around the world:

  • Health professionals unfortunately do not spend enough time listening, asking questions or finding out about their patients health problems, symptoms, Holistická výživaal habits or lifestyle.
  • Patients are often embarassed to share their symptoms, feelings and health problems during a consultation with their doctor or health professional. They also often forget any other problems they may have if they are not asked specifically about them.
  • Sophisticated mechanical diagnostic machines and methods have taken the place of in- depth consultations between the health professional and patient.

The unfortunate result:

  • Health professionals may be misinformed of the patients condition and may make a innapropriate diagnosis
  • The patient often forgets or hides relevant information and symptoms due to embarassment, making it more difficult for the health professional to make an accurate diagnosis.
  • Diagnostic machines reduce time with the patient but can lead to inappropriate treatment/administration of drugs. The most valuable information comes from the patient themselves.

It seems that our modern health care system is failing. Diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, allergies, asthma, arthritis and other diseases are growing at alarming rates in our society. Doctors and health professionals are trying to spend less time with their patients to save and make more money yet the quality of service is decreasing.

This is leading patients to look elsewhere for better service and to health professionals that spend more time finding out about their health status.

As health professionals, we all know that time is limited and there are some patients that tend to take up more time with us than we would desire.


is the solution

Would you like to provide your patient or client with a comprehensive assessment of their health, Holistická výživaal status, or lifestyle with recommendations, without wasting valuable time during a consultation?

Would you like to make more money offering an additional service for your clients or patients?


is the solution

Years in the making and the result of thousands of consultations performed by world-leading naturopath, clinical Holistická výživaist and holistic practitioner Frank Navratil BSc. N.D., Navratil Assessment Report Generator Software is a world´s first.

Never forget that the greatest source of diagnostic information comes direct from the patient.

Offer these world-leading time-saving software services to your patients and clients


  • PC with windows 98, 2000, XP or Vista
  • Scanner connected to your PC by USB port
  • CD-rom drive


  • Print out a comprehensive multi-page multiple-choice questionnaire for your patients or clients which they fill out themselves or you can alternatively email them a file for them to fill out on their computer and email back to you.
  • ARG Scan Function Ž - the software activates your scanner and scans each page of your client’s report in just a few minutes. Then with just a click of the mouse the Produces an instant multi-page report identifying areas that need improvement and displaying the results graphically and numerically. You can choose to add the recommendations in your templates to be automatically added to your report.
  • ARG Advice Manager Ž - This world-leading feature provides data templates for each health assessment indicator. It allows you to input any information you wish into the templates or simply to use the information already in them. All of this information shows up in your report instantly.
  • ARG Client Manager Ž - manage your entire client database with one easy software tool. The Client manager function allows you to store unlimited data on each client, including their assessment results, reports, personal data, notes, treatments etc. You can at any time, quickly look up any past client and view their reports, results and other data. Managing your client database has never been so easy.
  • Printing Reports and email – all reports can be easily printed and instantly emailed if required.

If you work anywhere in the natural health field, the series of Assessment Report Generator software is ideal to offer your clients an additional service that will not take up very much of your time.

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